Leaving FB

It had to be done. I have very little .. er.. mojo. And for some years now most of that has been spent on FB. Leaving bullock all for doing important stuff like writing important things and saving dogs and donkeys and.. oh fuck it. no one comes here anyway. I am already feeling like I should be going to my own funeral. Hey. If it happens please make sure they play Positive Thinking as sung by Morecambe and Wise. Message ends.

2 thoughts on “Leaving FB

  1. I have never regretted leaving Facebook, and unless you’re a young person you don’t really *have* to be on it. I’ve found that since I’ve left, the only times that I’ve felt an urge to be back on it, that urge has obviously been an unhealthy one – to track people who I’ve felt wronged by or from whose lives I’ve felt painfully excluded.

    It doesn’t have anything much to do with real friendship, but it sucks all of the real friendships that you have into something more synthetic and removed. People tend not to come over very well – bigging up their marvellous lives, promoting careers, moaning about minor irritations disproportionately – making you wonder whether they are your friends in the first place.

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