Nowt Much

So El Thicko here is now on the second day of trying to publish some old scribbly shite. Keep pressing publish button but no. Nothing. So instead of asking someone, I thought I’d just write something else… imagining that the sheer weight of words from this post might push the former post up onto the public stage. I realise this is not exactly scientific. I am going running now to try and assuage my anxiety. Which is rising. Quite fast.

Christ Almighty

it’s hard enough when you’re a bit thick , but add to that a touch of acute anxiety and a lashing of not waving OR drowning as it happensgeneral hopelessness and the first questions on wordpress have really given me a bit of a turn for the worse. Choose a palette. Upload a background picture. Understand more about everything. It is with an apocalyptic sense of foreboding that I write this first blog, overwhlemed as I now am with the fear that I have gone with the wrong site, chosen colours which reflect the personality of a damp rag and just lost 99 dollars (yeah, not even pounds – although they do need every penny they can get just now, the fiscal cliff dodging bastards).