GOOD Friday?

How can a day turn BAD so fast? What the hell do people do on Good Friday? Go for walks? (I do that every day) Call friends? (ok, I don’t do that every day) Get together with their loved ones and throw their heads back in mirth? (Yep. No I definitely don’t do that very much at all and when I do, even as the laughter crests, I am thinking: If this were a movie we would all be killed RIGHT now by some random  accident like a lorry plunging  through the wall  of the pub. One of us might survive….a lonely figure limping through the life, trying in vain to put together the broken pieces of a shattered world…). anyway. I have opted for coffee and the rubbish book I am reading just coz it’s set arounf Hampstead (‘The Innocents’). It’s a master class in writing really long sentences without any punctuation ….or point.


what’s with all the wine this week? how come a person can go for ages without even thinking of wine.. and then suddenly you cant think of anything else. I see a bright future for myself as a burgeoning alcoholic. I’d probably find some way of fucking that up too.