Head Missing Vital Accessory

So I’m up at me mam and dad’s at the mo. It’s the same house they’ve lived in since I was a baby and they don’t chuck much out. And so today as I was looking for a doll that I could pretend was Pippa Haywood and another that I could pretend was Toby Jones (for various photo opportunities and to help feed the endlessly hungry WeShadows twitter account – obis) I found a wealth of treasures.

I came across an entire box of Pippas (anyone old enough to remember Pippa’s? No? Ah sod you, all you youngsters with your dreams in tact). But also, this head from a 1960s Sindy doll which I have decided to use in my act on Tuesday night. Classy.


Hmm. Obviously  there was something missing.  And then I found this at the bottom of the old shoe box and everything made sense again…


Phew. She just seems so complete now. I’ll bet she’s really happy (to be continued…)


Early birds

However early I get up, the birds are always up before me. This in itself shows a great deal commitment to the early hours of the day but on top of that: they’re singing! I can’t even speak till gone ten. They should be commended for their vivacity and their continually annoying positive outlook.

Check out this lovely robin. He’s proper amazing but I’m really glad he doesn’t live near my bedroom window.


Well. I did it. With a little help from my friends. I now look like a crazy person because I haven’t been out for three days. I know how loads of people just say that sort of thing but I proper mean it. Crazy person who looks a bit grubby. I feel grubby. On the inside. Kickstarter has very nearly finished me off. And it’s nobody’s fault but my own. I should have started it weeks ago.

Hang on. I did start it weeks ago. I made the video for the page in May.. or was it April? (see lovely shot of brilliant Pippa Haywood below who I’m making be in my film)

“What’s Kickstarter?” some of you may wonder. You fools. You innocent fools.  It’s a crowd funder super site and I’m using it to try and fund my project WE SHADOWS which launches (fingers crossed) on Midsummer. Appropriate given the film is inspired by Helena and Puck from Midsummer Night’s Dream! And so poetic! What a cool idea Chris…. ok it’s actually sort of the day after that we launch (Tuesday 21st June) but if I do it in the early hours of the morning it’s still Midsummer’s Night! Isn’t it, sort of? If I do it when it’s still dark?…

Bollocks. Ok look. Tuesday is around about the Midsummer area. So I will be continuing to call it Midsummer despite all protestations to the contrary. Heed ye. I’m so glad that’s cleared up.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 23.17.34.png

I am now going to have a wash and eat something other than digestive biscuits with butter on them. Yeah yeah. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, ok?