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So here we go folks. From Midsummer’s Day we have a few short weeks to raise £25,000 for new bittersweet comedy short film WE SHADOWS. Playing the part of unemployed Shakespearian actress Helena – inspired by Midsummer Night’s Dream’s slighted heroine -is the brilliant Pippa Haywood. Starring alongside her  playing our modern day, cross dressing Puck is the one and only Toby Jones.  Oh yes. Come on lads and lasses!

Any support you can give us would be amazing. If nothing else I hope you enjoy the very daft kickstarter video and share and follow us on Facebook, on twitter, and subscribe to our youtube chanel… but most important of all please click on We Shadows
pippa looks worried
My previous two shorts, Death of a double Act and Our Ordered Lives – both of which I now realise pitch our heroines into vast inhospitable landscapes (sorry actors) played at festivals in the UK including prestigious Encounters, Cambridge and Aesthetica, and all over the world winning a Best Director award for me at Underwire.

I am so excited to work with Pippa and Toby again. I will be keeping a blog about the the experience of getting it together right here.. it’s gonna be  roller coaster. So hold on to your handbags, but feel free to get your purses and wallets out first! (We promise there will be no horns in this production)