Darkened Lanes

I can’t believe how annoying I am. All I have to do is write a blog for them. Something chatty. Something “me”. Something with advice for other writers and bit on how I feel having won. But I keeps swerving off into darkened lanes as though some malevolent force were guiding my hand. Not only that but I keep wanting – and this is unprecedented – to do my tax instead.

I am now, of course, writing a blog to put off writing a blog. Staggering.

oh blimey

I’ve been asked to write a blog type article for the BBC. It’s like giving a Ming Vase to a criminally insane vase smasher. I can’t even be trusted on FaceBook. No doubt there’ll be some nicely bred person called Clementine who can take out all the nasty bits.

Anyway, here is a picture of the beach in St Bees looking lovely


And one of me wearing the Cumbrian version of a niqab – it was a very chilly afternoon. I enjoyed having my face covered up but eating the ice cream was messy



Leaving FB

It had to be done. I have very little .. er.. mojo. And for some years now most of that has been spent on FB. Leaving bullock all for doing important stuff like writing important things and saving dogs and donkeys and.. oh fuck it. no one comes here anyway. I am already feeling like I should be going to my own funeral. Hey. If it happens please make sure they play Positive Thinking as sung by Morecambe and Wise. Message ends.