About Me

Have  you just clicked on the button cos you should really be doing your taxes? Good choice. My name is Christine Entwisle. This is me looking really happy for a change:   ImageI do radio, theatre, film and comedy. Things changed after I won the BBC Writers Prize for a play called doyouwishtocontinue which was a comedy about depression starring Pippa Haywood, Anne Reid… and me. It was my first radio in years and I felt very sorry for the rest of the cast. It must have been like working with a really thick monkey. Then I won The Funny Women Writer’s Award (above – absolutely delighted!!) and then the BBC Comedy Audio Award for my next play Secret Kebabs.. More recently I have been hunting around for cash to make a new short film we shadows about the invisibility of women in theatre,  plan the next six episodes of doyouwishtocontinue, and write shoot and edit Fairy Job – the new comedy web series I made the the one and only Kirsty Woodward. Last month I had PERSISTENCE tattooed on my arm. It’s supposed to be an encouraging message to myself to stop me from faking my own death, but I’m slightly concerned it might look more like permission… oh bollocks. Maybe I should get “oh actually just leave it” on the other arm just incase…

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. you’re rather wonderful, I’m listening now, and am enjoying the dark… i’m doing rather a lot to avoid feeling the reality of it…

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